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Best we could do

WUUAIR is trying to help you become confident. We start from 100% natual herbal, devoted to every details to make it perfectly. We’re confident that our products will have a positive impact in the lives of all the female, it is a good way to improve their health. We devoted to bring high-quality yoni pearls to all over the world, and hereby to solve bacterial infections, heavy periods, vaginal odor and dryness. 


100% natural herbal

light herbal scent

Made from natual herbal ingredients, these fast-working and convenient herbal are the best way to improve your health. 1.5cm small ball, quick and easy to use it with very simple instruction, extremely comfortable experiences



Physical and psychological Benefits
fresh and confident

Libido increased.
Tightness of the vagina.
Spiritual & emotional release
Regulation in their menstrual cycles.
Decrease in their menstrual cycle pain.
Energetically and physically detoxing for the body
Pregnancy and birth after being told they couldn't get pregnant.



Please read it before using

1. Wash your hands before using it, soak the ball in water for 2-5 minutes. 
2. Then wait 24 hours and put in another one and do the same process. 
3. Only use the yoni pearls 3 times in a cycle.  Wait a week for another cycle.  4. If you experience any kind of irritation, then do take a bath to cleanse the vagina gently.  
5. Lay down and wear finger cot or the pearl gliders for easier insertion into the vagina, make sure it stays in place.  
6. Leave the yoni pearl in for 24 to 72 hours, you'd better to wear a pantiliner to allow for all the toxins to come out.  
7. Make sure to drink water to help with the removal of the detox and all the toxins that were in the vagina. 

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